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Hillary's Blinds - My Summer Bedroom MONOod Board

This summer we have been having a huge rejig of our house. I have been bored with the colour schemes throughout the house for quite a while now and after 4 years of our non decorated master bedroom, I have decided enough is enough, it is time to give us a haven to relax in... you know, to look at whilst we catch up on twitter on our phones, in the brief bit of peace we get before we shut our eyes, because with 2 kids and a petting zoo to run (slight exaggeration) we don't have time to be in it for longer than that, like all other parents in the country.

I have always loved Monochrome rooms but I am not a huge fan of modern clean lines. I love the French feel to a bedroom but The Hoff says it is too girly for him... booooo what does he know ey?! Anyway, so after hearing about the Hillary's Blinds Mono Midnight - #blindofthemonth Competition, I thought I'd set myself a challenge to create a bedroom space suitable for both myself and Him indoors with a MONOod Board.

The above picture shows a bit of a French Mono Colour Splash combo. I love a good mood board, it's like emptying your head space into one clear picture.

I wanted to bring a bit of spring/summer into the mono toned blind and furniture and I did that with a lively but subtly relaxing splash of Yellow.

For me, with subtle and well placed, colour splash accessories you are on to a winner. If you get bored of the colour scheme some time down the line, all you need to do is take away the little things and replace them with a completely different colour to create an amazing new look. It saves you money in the long run too, so what is there not to like about colour splashing.


Well placed accessories, art, vases, ornaments, and beautiful lamps are perfect homely touches.

Cushions -

I can't get enough of cushions. I love the fact there is so many quirky options out there to choose from that your home can be as individual as you are. Etsy and Not On The High Street are the perfect source of quirky styled cushions but to team your blind or curtains up with the cushions you place on your bed ties the whole room together. Hillary's Blinds offer a cushion making service with matching material it is a great way to finish up a room.

Flowers -

Adding in fake flowers will always make you feel warm and summery, real ones are better but that means remembering to change them. Dead flowers in the bedroom isn't exactly romantic.

Art -

I love these really popular, quirky, mono stag pictures you find every where now a days. They are not as pretty as the ballerina one I picked out first but Hoff said he wasn't keen so I went with another I knew he'd like. Large enough to be eye catching and a feature the art work becomes a real focal point. Teamed with some bright colour splashes Mono pictures can work in almost any room.

Lamps -

You can't have a bedroom without a bedside lamp. It is a nightmare having to get up and turn the 'big light' off and kicking your bed in the dark on the way back. They do their job and look pretty. Statement lamps work really well in Monochrome rooms too. I chose to use it as an easy colour splash option because I fell in love with this yellow one.

Furniture & Finishes...

Black Out Blinds -

Blackout Blinds are a must for a bedroom, keeping out the bright summer mornings and light evenings means a great nights sleep for you. I have based my MONOod Board on the inspiration from Hillary's Blind Of The Month - Mono Midnight.

Furniture -

As I said above, I love the French furniture look and by buying that style in timeless black, him indoors doesn't mind the girly swirly finish to it. The bed above is my dream bed, I love it. When matched with side tables and a large dressing table, it is PERFECT.

Carpet -

We have a cream carpet in our room.... it wasn't our choice it was there when we moved in. We have grown to love it as much as it seems to love the toddler imposed dirt it attracts. It does go perfectly with this colour scheme though so if we did replace it I found a lovely replacement in the Hilary's Carpet section (link in sources).

Walls -

I love a good wall paper feature wall but in this case I wanted to let the furniture and beautiful accessories do the talking, so I have gone for a pale yellow paint instead of a bold wallpaper. It is warm and summery but calm and relaxing... also easy to change if you want to later on.

Light Shade -

When you lay down at night, who wants to see a boring old ceiling. Why not make the most of it with an oversized statement light shade. I love the ball shape of this one, it softens the lighting so that the room is much more relaxing as you get ready to shut your eyes after a long day.

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This post is an entry into a competition with Hillary's blinds, however, everything in it is my own work of art and I genuinely want/need that bedroom!

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