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Rocky Loves - Cheeky's Barrel Burst

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Recently we went to a Hasbro event and as we left they gave us a lovely goody bag. Inside the goody bag was a brightly coloured box. A brightly coloured box with a monkey on. A brightly coloured box with a monkey on that was ripped open on first sight by a little man who has a bit of a love for Monkeys.

Elefun and Friends - Cheeky's Barrel Burst

This cheeky little game from Hasbro has been around for a while now and well known by many families. It is aimed at 3+ and Rocky isn't quite at that level so we have been improvising when it comes to the rules but Kyd is gradually teaching him how to play it properly. They love it. Kyd loves it more because he always wins but Rocky hasn't quite got the win/lose concept yet so we've had no tears to date.

The name of the game is to pick a colour, Blue or Green, press Cheeky down, which spins the barrel and releases the monkeys. You have to quickly grab all of your coloured monkeys and hang them on Cheeky. The first to hang all 5 of their monkeys on Cheeky wins.


Rocky just likes hanging the monkeys on Cheeky and then hiding them back in the Barrel.

Kyd likes making a mess by pressing it down.... so it's a win:win game for them both.

It is a really simple and timeless game, something they can both enjoy together for years to come. For me their concentration and smiles bring a rare moment of calm and quiet... I LOVE THIS GAME!


  • Fast moving, monkey hanging game challenges you to pick up monkeys and hang them fast to win
  • Release monkeys from the barrel by pushing on Chasin' Cheeky's tush
  • Hang all your monkeys on Chasin' Cheeky first to win
  • train your childs reactions and speed
  • Includes barrel with a purple monkey, 5 blue monkeys, 5 green monkeys and instructions
  • Ages 3 and up.

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