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Scooby Doo Phantom Flyer

Take Scooby on a wild ride in this awesome Phantom Flyer. Navigate the Phantom Flyer with your hand and watch him fly high into the air you can even navigate it in the dark and watch the flyer spin and glow. The Phantom Flyer flies up to 2 metres high and flies for 4 minutes per charge making it a great toy for those 'quick stop the boredom' in between game moments.

What we thought...

The Phantom Flyer arrived for review just in time for Kyd's birthday, making it an extra bonus present for him to open. The base doesn't come with batteries and needs a small screwdriver to open the battery hatch, so we set to work finding the batteries and tools to get this new wonder up and running. When we got it out of the box we did notice that the balloon structure is quite fragile, meaning heavy handed Kyd had to be very careful not to snap it and that we had to keep it out of reach of 2yr old Rocky. It took about 40 minutes to charge before we could play with it properly, which might be something to keep in mind if you have impatient children.

To make it fly you have to take it off the charger stand and press a very teeny tiny button on the bottom. Whilst doing this make sure you don't put your hand straight underneath as this will activate the flyer and it WILL go into your face... *she says from experience*. Hold the hand holding the flyer out in front of you and place your other hand flat underneath it wait for a few seconds and off it goes. To keep it flying you need to keep waving the palm of your hand underneath Scooby. It does take some practice but it is a lot of fun as they chase it around trying to keep it from going mad. It can get a bit wild and if it hits the floor you may have to jump out of the way as it keeps going until something comes into it's path, like your feet, which we found out when Rocky's toe got stuck in the ringed rotor. It didn't hurt him but he wasn't too impressed.

To make the Phantom Flyer work at it's best you need to be somewhere with high ceilings as it really does fly up to 4 metres high and when it hits an object it ends up going crazy, like a bird has been let loose in your living room and you have no idea which way it will go next... it's very funny to watch.

Over all we as a whole family, especially the dog, found this funnier and much more entertaining than we thought we would. For a small toy it has great potential to cheer up any boring rainy day and get kids off the sofa and moving around the house. Perfect for the big jolly man in red to bring the kids this Christmas.


  • It flies up to 2 metres high!
  • Guide the Phantom Flyer with your hand.
  • Navigate it in the dark, watch it fly and glow
  • Ringed rotor blades make it safe for young hands.
  • Charging base requires 4 X AA/LR6 batteries (not included)
  • Flies for 4 minutes per charge.
  • Keep at arm's length
  • for age 3 and over

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