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Aldi Halloween - Spend a Little, Scare a Lot


It's Halloween!!!

Oh dear god where has this year gone?! This time last year we were preparing to spend Halloween in warm and sunny Disneyland Florida and let me tell you... the American's take this time of year VERY seriously.

Alas, this year we are in good old Blighty, braving the wind and the rain in our scary outfits, to knock on doors to scare the neighbours in return for sweets and welcoming other Trick or Treaters at our own door with a huge bowl of sweets, that we've had to stop ourselves from eating for the whole time they've been out.

We haven't really thought about it all until this week, when Aldi sent us a range of their outfits to try out. We love the idea of not having to spend loads on outfits but are a stickler for quality, so we were intrigued to see the quality of such cheap costumes.

What we thought...

We received some lovely little bits for Halloween from Aldi, who have a great range this year and one that isn't going to break the bank but make you look the part all the same.

It is often reported that parents struggle to keep up with the demands of trends at this time of year, children want to have THE BEST outfit out there and that comes at a price. I fear we've seen the death of home made toilet roll mummy outfits and bin bag witches, of which we would see so many of whilst I was growing up. Now we see parents spending a fortune on a costume they'll wear once then grow out of or even hiring them a 'to die for' outfit of their dreams... Ridiculous. Why is it ridiculous? Because with companies like Aldi putting together ranges of children's sized outfits that are £3.99 and masks that even start at 79p, why would you spend your hard earned money on such a thing *shakes head*.

So what are the outfits like?

The quality of the outfits are pretty good for the price of them. They come in a few different styles and the ones we have received (The Skeleton and the Spider Tabard £3.99 each) have been stretched and pulled about by me and the stitching has stayed strong. For me, and my terror of a stripping toddler, the quality of the stitching is really important. He tends to try and undress at any given chance, pulling and tugging on the garments as he goes, we've had quite a few ripped clothes needing mending along the way so to get a costume so well made for so little money is a great sign.

The colours are bright and bold but there is a warning on it that the colours may run when wet, this means in the rain too folks so make sure you're aware of this before you head out. Don't be placing the costumes over a lovely white pair of leggings if it's raining, unless you want them to be tie-dyed by the end of the night.

Again, thinking of the great British weather, the felt masks and loot bags may also run in the rain, making for a great colour stained face and hand. It is just a thought (as I have been dyed myself by felt masks before) but try and keep them dry or take them off when it starts to rain. I suggest you line the loot bags with a sandwich bag, just so the sweets don't get dye on them as well, that'd just be a waste.

Aldi have even thought about the decorations of the house and the creepy little Halloween lights they sent us will definitely be going up around our door on Halloween night, they are just about long enough.

The Price List...

Halloween DVDs 1  - £2.99

Children's dressing up set - £3.99

Halloween battery lights - £3.99

Halloween table decoration - £3.99

Halloween Play-Doh - £4.99

Halloween berry lights - £4.99

Adults Halloween costume 2014 - £7.99

Glow in the dark torch - £1.99

Glowsticks - £2.99

Children’s Halloween mask - £0.79

Halloween gel stickers - £0.99

Halloween spiders web - £0.99

Children's Halloween tights - £1.29

Children’s Halloween headband - £1.49

Halloween hanging decorations - £1.49

Trick or treat bag - £1.49

Adults Halloween accessories - £1.99

You have to be quick at Aldi though, once they're gone, they're gone, so I'd get down there ASAP and snap up a pair of fangs before the vampires come in for their spares.


  • Cheap but well made
  • Available from 02/10/14
  • Adult sizes
  • Child sizes
  • Accessories
  • Whilst Stocks Last

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