What do I gift a Playstation obsessed teen?...


Our Kyd is getting harder and harder to buy for. At 16, he is, and isn’t, your average teen. Although he is your typical 16 year old fashion obsessed gamer, he has Down Syndrome and therefore there is a limit to the games in which he can play (and there are only so many t-shirts one boy can own). This year I had drawn a blank as to stocking fillers, he’s in that awkward middle ground, not a baby, so doesn’t want the same as his brother but not yet an adult, so doesn’t appreciate a funny pair of socks yet either. I don’t want to just buy him tat for the sake of it, as that is no fun for either of us. I still want him to get joy out of opening presents but the boy doesn’t need or want anything but playstation games… and he only wants the games he has already and I’m not duplicating them for the sake of it… HE IS NOT HELPFUL!

It was actually Laura at Tired Mummy of Two who suggested that I check out Paladone’s Playstation range online. It isn’t like Paladone are stranger’s to me, I see them twice a year at BlogOn. Doh! So I did and thank god I did, it’s a week before Christmas and this little lot just turned up on my doorstep and saved Christmas. Sometime’s I do love that girl…. only sometimes though ;)

Check out more of their stuff online and in shops all over the place but click on the pic below if like me you live for the ease of Amazon…. #af