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Review - Brio Smart Tech - Smart Engine Set

Smart tech is the new train technology from BRIO! simply press go on the engine and set up the smart tech arches around the track. The engine will automatically detect each arch and do exactly what is shown. It could stop, start, go slow, turn on the lights or make a sound. Isn't that fun. Where will the train go next? and what will it do? it’s all up to you. Arrange the tunnels and station and watch a new train adventure unfold. 

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Review - Oregon Scientific Smart Globe 'Myth'

By Day, the globe shows political boundaries, oceans, country names, capital cities. Then at night with just the press of a button, budding astronomers can view an illuminated map of the stars and planets. Displaying 88 stunning constellation the globe turns into an impressive room decoration, ideal for children who find a night light soothing.

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