Review - Oregon Scientific Smart Globe 'Myth'


By Day, the globe shows political boundaries, oceans, country names, capital cities. Then at night with just the press of a button, budding astronomers can view an illuminated map of the stars and planets. Displaying 88 stunning constellation the globe turns into an impressive room decoration, ideal for children who find a night light soothing.

What we think…

Educational toys for children aged 5+ can often be a bit boring and lacking in imagination, meaning they play with it once and put it aside. However, this clever Smart Globe from Oregon Scientific gives the next generation’s David Attenborough or any budding Astronomer something new to learn every time they look at it, or, in fact, listen to it. This isn’t your average globe, this globe is in fact a teaching, story telling, interactive, educational, night light. By day, the globe shows country names, oceans, capital cities and political boundaries and by night you can press a button to reveal an illuminated map of the stars and planets.

The fun doesn’t end there, this is an interactive AR product so you can bring the globe to life on your phone or tablet. It shows you the things you can’t see on the globe in front of you, so Landmarks, animals, weather facts and even dinosaurs pop out of the globe on to your screen as you hover over it. The dedicated AR app (available on apple and android) also has extra facts and fun to be had, so the little screen lovers in your household will be happy. On top of all that, it has audio and can tell you 69 fascinating facts about the earth and the stories behind 12 of the 88 constellations it shows you at night. It can also read you 1 of the 10 classic fairytales available too, which should help your little ones drift off to sleep whilst staring at the stars. This globe offers endless and timeless educational fun and is a perfect present for everyone over the age of 5. 


  • Age 5+

  • 30cm high

  • 3x AA batteries (included)

  • USB charger port

  • 2 in 1: Earth by day, 88 Constellation by night 

  • Built in Audio Stories and Geographical Content. 12 constellation stories , 10 fairy tales , 5 categories geography knowledge 

  • Experience 3D Augmented Reality with a tablet or smartphone

  • Dedicated App available from both the Apple Store and Google Play 

What’s in the box…

  • Globe

  • Batteries

Where to buy….


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