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I was recently sent a little parcel of clothing from 45Revs Clothing, a Northern Soul and MOD style clothing company. They do male and female clothing from t-shirts to boxers and jackets to bags. When I heard the words ‘northern soul’ my ears pricked up. I have friend’s who are all about their northern soul music and they have tried to educate me throughout the years about their love of the genre. For me though, I feel a little bit more like I genuinely have a northern soul, brought up in Yorkshire, living in the south, I know that isn’y the point and my Northern Soul folk are going to kick my butt for that comment but pffft. Anyway, the clothing…

Keep The Faith Fur Pom Pom Chunky Beanie - £18.00

100% Soft-Spun Acrylic, Sumptuous heavy ribbed knit. Luxury removable faux fur pom pom for ease of washing.

Welcome to my new favourite winter hat! This hat comes in Black and Cream, therefore I may have to purchase it in black too so I can alternate depending on outfit choices. Don’t worry if you’re not a fan of the pom pom or ‘it won’t go with most of your outfit’s’, it’s detachable. Yup, it’s on a popper, therefore whatever outfit you’re wearing you can make this beauty fit in and believe me, your head will thank you for it! 10/10 for warmth and wind-proofness… is that a word? it is now! We went on a beach clean on Filey Brigg in February, which would usually be a no go due to weather but we had that weird February heatwave. Despite the strange warm weather there was still the usual North sea wind, something my ear’s do not take kindly to. This lovely thick knit, managed to keep the super strong sea breeze from getting into my sensitive ear canal’s AND we managed to clear the beach of 28 bits of plastic! Everyone’s a winner, even the fishes.

Massive thanks to our Kyd for taking the pictures ;)

Keep The Faith Embroidered Logo Ladies Cropped Sweatshirt - £20.00

Embroidered Classic ‘Keep The Faith’ logo. Women’s Cropped Sweatshirt in Heather Grey. 3-ply Loopback fleece. 70% Combed Cotton, 30% Polyester. Ribbed collar, cuffs and hem.

OK, so I’m a giant, a 6ft one, so this is more ‘cropped’ on me than it would be on most, so bare that in mind. However, I am used to things not being as long as they should be, so I wasn’t worried and I have been working on my stomach so happy to show it off. I have added the photo of the model in the slideshow though so that you can see how long it is on ‘normal’ length people. Anyway, despite my midriff being visible, which is fashionable now anyway, this jumper is slowly becoming my go to as the weather get’s a little warmer. It is lighter than a knit but still warm enough for that late winter early spring, despite my naked strip of belly fat. For £20 I am really surprised at how well made it is, I would happily spend more than that on it. Great value. But shhh don’t tell them that, I don’t want them to raise the prices before I buy a few more bits from them.



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