Oldies But Goodies

Dear So & So... The Rioter edition...

Dear Rioters in London & Beyond,

Are you f**king serious??... What the hell are you going to achieve by this?... Proving the fact that you are just idiotic Sheep?... that you can't think for yourself??... OR that you are just brain dead idiots??

If you like to fight and like to see chaos then I think maybe you should join the armed forces... although by now you wouldn't be accepted due to your new Police Records.. Well done for that! :rollseyes:... Doesn't that say something when even the Army think you're useless scum!!... I believe this could have been a good career move for you as then maybe you could go and defend yourselves from similar people to yourselves... except they play with Bombs! See how you get on then ay big man/woman??... Maybe if idiots like you had the discipline of the army it would allow the good men and woman of the armed forces to come home to their law abiding families and leave you to get blown up and lose your world and lives instead as this would be less of a loss... ok this is harsh but I'd pick them over you any day!

Maybe seeing the world of war struck countries will make you appreciate what you've just burnt down. Where life is scarce and precious, where items are earned and appreciated and people are vulnerable to dickheads like you and living in poverty and fear, yet they don't loot or steal from their own. They're living with illness and diseases with no NHS or help from their Government... No friends or family left alive and yet they're still holding their heads high at the same time as holding their babies they haven't been able to feed properly for days, weeks, months! Maybe when you see this you may think 'what have I got to be rioting about again?'

Actually that is a good Question, What are you Rioting about?? Do you actually have a point? or are you just complete idiots. If the point is still the shooting of the man by the Police... do you really think that this is doing his memory any good? He is now known as the cause of the worst riots in Britain in 3 decades... Brilliant well done you! That poor man's family now have to deal with the fact their loved one caused this!! Does this make you feel good? The grief of losing a family member is bad enough this is adding to their pain and this will be documented alongside his name forever more. what an achievement that is!! :rollseyes:

Just to let you idiotic people know... this will make taxes Rise due to having to pay back the cost of the damage you've created. This will also mean funds for things like benefits and the NHS, which you no doubt live on one of, if not both, will be cut... this will also mean the already high numbers of Poverty will rise and with hundreds of people losing their jobs from the shops you've just smashed up, this will make unemployment rise and yet more homelessness and poverty... So if, like the girl on Sky News said, it was you just 'getting your taxes back'... WELL DONE KNOBHEADS, you've created even more of a disaster and expense and hike in fees, costs and taxes than you've ever faced before... So guess what... that couple of hundred quid you get on ebay from the stuff you've looted... isn't gunna get you far!! As clever as you think you are for doing this... The rest of the country, & world for that matter, THINKS YOU'RE A TWAT!!


A very pissed off English Woman!!

PS... Swearing at the TV cameras is just making you look like twats!


More importantly to me...


Dear Parents of the Rioters in London & Beyond,

WHAT THE F**K?? How have you let your offspring of all ages especially the 7,8,9+ year olds get involved in this manic outrageous behaviour? Why are they on their own in the streets of London anyway? and What sort of behaviour is that for that age child or anybody for that matter??

If you plead ignorance I will actually scream! How are you, as a parent, obviously oblivious of their whereabouts or behaviour?!... Or were you there with them passing them the petrol bombs and asking them to carry the loot?? I am very intregued as a parent of a nearly 9 year old as to how you can lose track of your child even when you know half of the city is alight... especially when it's going on around you?!

Why are you not in the streets yourselves searching for your children and dragging them by their ears, hoodies, boxershorts, bra straps etc... back to their homes? Why are you leaving it to the bloody, stretched at the best of times, MET police to fix your kids, which is more than likely caused by your bad parenting? I must stress that, I do understand that this is not always the case and that the best of parents can still have a bad apple in their mix and for you people I still say.... why have you no idea where your child/teenager is Bad apple or not? It's the 3rd day of these riots we all knew they were going to continue, surely you should be aware of this and if they are adamant they are going out then follow them... failing that phone the police yourselves...

If I lived in London or surrounding area, I would have locked my children in the house whatever age and kept them in whatever they said, did or tried! I'd have done it for their safety and their well being. I understand peer pressure I was a teenager not so long ago and I remember how you can get dragged into the mix without being aware... but come on seriously, SORT IT OUT!

You should be ashamed of your offspring whether child or grown up, maybe you need to rethink your parenting techniques. I may sound harsh but if you aren't thinking this already then you're quite simply an idiot! Wake the F**k up!... And If I hear any of you blaming this country or it's facilities for the failing of your child, then I will Scream even louder than before and believe me I am not nice when I'm angry... I go all northern!


Yours very angrily,

A fellow parent!

PS if your child comes home with loot of any kind taken from this hideous course of events... Take them down to the police station yourselves... how else will they learn behaviour like this is unacceptable in this country and in General!... If you don't they'll find them eventually... I've probably just seen them on the TV whats the betting the police have too!

2011, Parenting, LifeAlice Hassall