Where Do Mums Buy Their School Uniforms And Why?

*klaxon* It's time for my 4yr old to start school! 

I've done this before but it was 9 years ago now and I'm rusty. So I am doing a series of School Starter's Guides to help me and other new school mums get to grips with what is needed when they start school and a few ideas of where to buy them...

I have mixed and matched uniform brands with Kyd, we have settled on trousers from Next and T-shirts from Sainsbury's, however I intend to buy some Lidl t-shirts this year to see how they fit, they are cheap enough to experiment with. Buying tiny school clothes for Rocky is completely different though, he's a climber and falls over all the time, we need robust, easy to clean everything... So, I asked some other mums where they get their children's uniform and why?...

The answers below are quotes from real mums with school age children.

Marks and Spencers as it is where my mum took me when I was a child, plus they stock a variety of sizes which was fantastic when Tigger started pre-school and needed age 2-3 trousers

M&S but also Sainsburys have good quality uniform at excellent prices. I have picked up a few bits in Asda too, PE kit, white shirts. We also use a local shop for uniform with logos, terribly over priced - Marianne

Marks and Spencers - because on the whole price and quality are pretty good and i can buy online.  - Maggy

Matalan or ASDA or we get hand-me-downs. No point spending a fortune as they get grown out of or trashed quick enough.

We do ASDA usually because they are great value and last - however, I shall be looking at Aldi because you just can't argue with the prices there, you really can't - and we got a new one where we live



From EcoOutfitters as they offer organic cotton which is kinder to skin and their products are sustainable and offer everyone in the supply chain a fair deal. It's important to me that my daughter's clothing hasn't been made by exploited young workers in a sweatshop. The clothing is free from harmful chemicals and certified from cotton seed right through to garment. I reviewed them here and they are great quality.


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