The Starting School Guide - Picking a school - all you need to know and more

It has been a whole month since Rocky started school and he has settled in like a dream. I have however had many people from nursery and year 6 asking the age old question "how do I know what school is right for my child?"

I have recently come across a website called School Reviewer, they don't only tell you EVERYTHING about that school but they also have parent forums, secondhand school uniform sales, catchment areas and more all under one virtual roof. 

Sounds perfect right, well I thought I'd put it to the test and share what I found, there is no point in just giving you the link and running away now is there... 

Finding your area...

Just simply type in your post code and pick an age range (Pre-school, Primary, secondary or further education). You can even pick a distance you'd be able to walk/drive. It will find all schools available for that postcode in the age range you've picked via map and list, state all the Ofstead results and the type of school (independent, academy etc). 

Select a school...

To research a school, simply click the name and it will give you the following information. 

  • School Info (inc contact details)
  • Catchment areas
  • Academic results
  • Parent forum
  • Buy and sell (uniforms)
  • Parent reviews. 

Visit the schools you like the most...

This is a great tool, however, don't decide on a school without seeing it and experiencing it first. The personal feel of the school and your rapport with the staff can make all the difference. 

Primary school kid thinking about answer sitting at his desk

What else does School Reviewer offer?...

Believe it or not, school reviewer isn't just there before you start the school, it has now started to help with the dreaded examinations they have to take too. Currently there are a selection of unique walkthroughs and animations for Maths papers for 11+, GCSE & SATs available to download to help you prepare, written and recorded by a teacher who doesn't just set the papers but marks them too. Available from Free to Β£4.99, so perfect for any budget.

Also they do some amazing Parent Guides, check them out.


Parents and teachers giving advice on all things schools, ask your questions and get advice from like minded parents and a few professionals.

Buy & Sell

Currently not very much for sale on this part of the site but I expect that the more parents that use this the better. If you're reading this and you know of parents that have a stock pile of nearly new school uniforms, pass them this website and then let the school know about it too. It's a great tool for all budgets.

Coming soon...

It looks like this website is going to be the go to website for parents, they are currently creating a directory of Tutors who can be found in your area. Perfect for those who need an extra boost or are struggling in particular areas. 

Expert walkthroughs for Maths GCSE, SATs and soon to be launched 11+ papers. We offer unique video and animation walkthroughs of each question from a teacher who both sets the exams and marks them. Clear and easy to follow solutions to show you how to achieve that perfect 100% score, with top tips and the common errors to avoid. The closest experience currently available online which replicates the home tutor experience, at a fraction of the price. The A* guide to help your child achieve A* success.

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