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A while ago I wrote a piece about how can help you and your child through their exams and into the school of their choice. Well, the team at Education Quizzes are back and they have something different up their sleeves. Not only do they now have all the help you need with exams and school work, they've teamed up with well respected educationalist Linda Innes to write "999 Articles" for parents. 

The title comes from the fact that each article has 999 words and is also meant to be an emergency resource for parents who suddenly find that they have a problem to solve in relation to their school-age children! Each article is accompanied by a parent quiz that we hope will help parents to understand the subject and at the same time point them in the direction of further resources that can be found in the Helpful Comments after each question.
— Education Quizzes

Whilst I can see you thinking "I haven't got time to read or search through 999 parenting articles" this isn't the case. The title is quite misleading in that sense, it actually refers to the word count. Each carefully written article has 999 words of advice in them and a quiz, which is very clever. 

I have been having a play with them, testing myself and learning something at the same time. At the moment there are 19 subjects ranging from Starting School to Brain Development, but by the time they've finished there will be around 80 subjects (not 999), lets hope they have a good search button. 

The one that has caught my attention the most is 'Disciplining Children'.... whoooooaaaa there! That is a touchy subject, right? So many do's and don'ts in that subject and it is already a parenting black spot as so many people have differing opinions on so much of it. At the end of the day it is the parents prerogative on how they choose to discipline their child but this article is a very good guideline for those who have lost their way... or their minds trying to find new ways that work. I actually really enjoyed reading it and actually grimaced at a few 'don't' parts as I know I do them and was smug at the other bits. I think that many would find it really helpful.

The Quiz was a bit patronising, mainly because I HATE BEING WRONG and I kept getting the red 'Sorry, that is incorrect'... my poor kids. I don't think it helped that I kept reading it in a head teacher voice for some reason. The questions and answers were very thought provoking though, the answers had a great range and they made me double check what I thought was OK, which is what it is there for I suppose. 

All in all, I really like this idea, so many of the titles there already will be very useful in the future. The starting school one would've been helpful this time last year for sure and I will definitely be sharing it to friend's who have children starting school this year. 

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