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"999 Articles" - Parenting Advice Quizzes by Education Quizzes

A while ago I wrote a piece about how can help you and your child through their exams and into the school of their choice. Well, the team at Education Quizzes are back and they have something different up their sleeves. Not only do they now have all the help you need with exams and school work, they've teamed up with well respected educationalist Linda Innes to write "999 Articles" for parents. 

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The Starting School Guide - Picking a school - all you need to know and more

It has been a whole month since Rocky started school and he has settled in like a dream. I have however had many people from nursery and year 6 asking the age old question "how do I know what school is right for my child?"

I have recently come across a website called School Reviewer, they don't only tell you EVERYTHING about that school but they also have parent forums, secondhand school uniform sales, catchment areas and more all under one virtual roof. 

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Education Quizzes - Where kids and parents go for a little extra help

Recently I was contacted by a company called Education Quizzes to try out their website for school age children. With Rocky heading off to school in September I thought it was a great time to find out what there was out there to help us help him. Kyd is in his own development timezone but these quizzes may also be a great help for me to work out where that timezone actually is. 

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