The Starting School Guide For Parents... What to pack in their school bag this summer

*klaxon* It's time for my 4yr old to start school! 

I've done this before but it was 9 years ago now and I'm rusty. So I am doing a series of School Starter's Guides to help me and other new school mums get to grips with what is needed when they start school and a few ideas of where to buy them...

The Summer Term School Bag...

The first term at school is the hardest and scariest. Their first school bag can also be the hardest to pack, what if you forget something? What if they need something and it's not there? Well here is a quick guide to what to pack in their first bag. (stationary depends on the school, some provide it, some don't)

Lunch Bag & Drinks Bottle: From Thermos

Mustela Extra Strong Sun Cream

Plain sun hat: Amazon

Back Pack: Not Before Tea

Bic Kids: available in most good stationary stores

Pencil Case: available in Smiggle

Plimsolls: All good uniform suppliers (pictured, Clarks)


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