The Starting School Guide For Parents... Making school life easier for parents

*klaxon* It's time for my 4yr old to start school! 

I've done this before but it was 9 years ago now and I'm rusty. So I am doing a series of School Starter's Guides to help me and other new school mums get to grips with what is needed when they start school and a few ideas of where to buy them...

What you need at home...

School isn't just about what they need, it's also about what you need to make life easier at home. From preventing those pesky nits to getting rid of stains and holes. Life as a parent becomes chore after chore once they start school. Here is a quick guide to what might be handy to have at home once they start school! 

Keep your Homework Stationary handy as they will lose it: Bic Kids

Get yourself a Day to Day Timetable so you know exactly when PE is etc that way you're all on the same page: Amazon

Keep the learning going at home with a VTech Innotab

Scoot to school and stop the shouting of 'hurry up' with Y Glider Deluxe

Make the starting school anxiety easier with a Personalised My First Day at School Book: A Story For...

Laundry Busters are a must and these from Astonish are tried and tested by me.

You NEED a Sewing kit, holes in knees and elbows are regular: Amazon

NITS, they're a thing with kids but they needn't be with this Anti Lice lotion from Puressential (Boots)

Start the summer mornings with Extra Strength Sun Cream to keep their skin healthy: Mustela

Make learning their alphabet fun with a Personalised Alphabet Book: From A to Z with...


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