An update on Kyd & Rocky....

Life is ever so hectic here in Life As Alice towers and sometimes it seems we forget to take a step back and see how scarily fast the kids are growing and changing. In just a year they have changed from baby and child to toddler and tween and it is really scary. They are getting on well though and I thought I'd do a quick run down on them both, just to keep a note of it. So here it goes, this is Kyd and Rocky in September 2014.

Update Kyd 2014.jpg

Kyd has started Secondary School this September and is about to turn 12 in a few weeks. He's hitting his teenage years at 90 miles an hour and don't we know it. He's grumpy and locks himself in his room for hours on end, only appearing if he's hungry. He still loves football, music and good food and is showing a big interest in travel, researching where he wants to travel to and why. He loves holidays and has recently been to a Mark Warner holiday in Kos, Greece where he learnt to sail, windsurf and kayak.

Health wise, Kyd had an operation in January to correct his bowel condition. He now has a catheter tube into his bowel through his stomach area. He has regular washouts, using water and medication and has become a lot healthier as a result. It comes with it's own issues but from the pain he was in before, the issues are nothing. Life goes on and we deal with what is thrown at us. Puberty is here now and that brings it's own issues health wise, so we are currently on guard for them.

Rocky Then Now 2014.jpg

Rocky hit 2 in July and he has carried on the reign of terror he started at 18 months. To say Rocky is a 'character' is an understatement. I have nicknamed him Tornado Rocky due to his inability to sit still and cause mess wherever he goes. He also has a great ability to escape from places. He has learnt to unlock the door and has walked down our little cul-de-sac completely naked, accompanied by the dog. He's a toddler, he needs to be entertained at all times and if it is the wrong type of entertainment, don't we know about it! He loves Toy Story, Monsters Inc, Wreck it Ralph, Tangled and all things Cbeebies. He has a great imagination and loves to act out scenes from the above films. He is already potty training, completely off his own back I might add, he takes himself off to the toilet, climbs on and goes... it is a bit odd to watch. He loves his ABC's and his 123's DVD's and can recite sequences of them at random times but never when asked... because he's awkward.

Health wise, after a reaction from his TB vaccination that was misdiagnosed for over a year, he seems to be pretty healthy. He has a great ability to fall over nothing and is really accident prone but other than being hilariously like a Carry On film when doing so, we've had no breakages yet... well bone wise anyway, he's broken other stuff like vases etc, like I said Tornado Rocky.

Together they are just brilliant. Rocky annoys Kyd like any little brother should do and he gets rather annoyed by him touching his toys. Rocky loves to wake Kyd up in the middle of the night by climbing on to his bed and Kyd loves to tickle his brother to make him laugh. Kyd tends to hide in his room when Rocky hit's tantrum mode but has often been the only thing to calm him down. All the fears about Kyd not being able to cope with a sibling after 10 years of being an only child have been wiped, he's the best big brother ever.