3 things to do at the beach this February Half Term

This school holiday I am determined to keep the kids off the computer and in the garden or on the beach or in fact doing anything that isn't inside these four walls. We need to blow the cobwebs away and so we are going to Filey (Yorkshire Coast) to visit Nanny and see friends. There is no computer there so no chance of them even attempting to revolt against the nasty mummy anti computer campaign. Mwahahahaha

The beach isn't just for summer you know! There are plenty of cool things you can do on the beach in the cold weather months in the UK. Get your hats, scarves, gloves, thick coats and wellies on and go and explore without all the sunbathers and sandcastles getting in the way. 

3 things to do on the beach that can be taken home this February half term. 

For fossil areas in the UK click here

For fossil areas in the UK click here

1. Fossil hunting

There are many stones along the beach and the foot of the cliff that have more history than anything you'll come across again in your life time. This is the perfect way to teach your kids a bit of history, go on a hunt for 'dinosaur stones' with little fossils in, take photos, discuss, learn. 

For more stone painting ideas click here

For more stone painting ideas click here

2. Stone painting

Take your bucket to the beach and find the best flat stone you can find. It needs to be flat so you can do your best painting on it. When you get home, warm up by the fire/radiator whilst painting your best seaside scene ever. These make for a great rainy day activity and great presents too.

For more shell crafts click here

For more shell crafts click here

3. Shell competition

Hats on, wellies on, bucket in hand and GO! Get the completive nature of your kids going by doing a shell hunt. For every shell that they collect they get 2p for the arcade machines. The shells can be taken home and used for the garden or broken down and used for the bedding of your birdhouse (apparently it keeps them warmer... who knew?!).

Here are some more cool things to do this half term.

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