Funny Things - Teenage Spots

Well, we all had them. We all hated them. We all wished we knew the cure for them.... We all laugh when someone has a comedy one of them on their boat race (face).

Kyd has got theeeee biggest spot on his chin. It wasn't there when he went to school but when he got back BAMMMMM there it was. You saw it before you saw him. I tried so hard not to laugh but he did look like good old Brucey Forsyth and I just couldn't see passed it. 

We have called it Forsyth as Bruce is our Tortoise. We will name each one and teach him to dea with it with a splash of humour... mainly because I can't not laugh when they're this bad. #Selfish

5 days later and it is still there, it's getting better but it has been one of those under skin jobbies and it's not ready to pop yet. Poor old Kyd, he doesn't quite realise this is the first of many spots to come.