Curious about Kurio this Christmas...

OK, so I have been researching kids technology products for Christmas and I have been told about the Kurio before so I started there. @TiredMummyOfTwo and her girls have been raving about them when I've been to visit too, so I looked them up and I have to admit I am a little bit surprised at the features on them.


Kyd loves a tablet. He is a technology whiz and so he can work one better than I can. Only issue is, they're a bit bulky and so taking it around is a bit of a mission. I am petrified when he does too. What if he drops it? What if he leaves it somewhere? Will it make him a target? So he is only allowed to use ours when I am with him because I'm a horrible mum... apparently. I have been researching whether to get him a smartphone but I am scared of the possibilities and dangers of that too... and costs he would run up but then the Kurio Phone came up on their website. Hmmmm do I? don't I?

The Kurio Phone

OK I'm not reviewing this, I've never had one. I am just thinking out loud here and saying out loud what I am researching about the phone benefits for Special Needs kids...


  1. Camera 5MP rear, 2MP front
  2. Screen 4 ins TFT WVGA 800 pixels
  3. Android 4.2
  4. Touch panel
  5. Bluetooth 3.0, Wifi, GPS, Java, MicroSD, Up to 32GB
  6. anti theft features
  7. Geo Tracking
  8. In case of emergency form
  9. Set Limits on Play Time
  10. Limit Calls and Texts
  11. Block Certain Numbers
  12. Check call and SMS history

Benefits of features...

  1. He can take photos on his own phone not mine
  2. Easy to read screen for eyesight issues
  3. Same apps and games as his tablet so easy to transfer
  4. Touch screen makes it easy use
  5. Wifi makes it cheaper to use
  6. Anti Theft features triggers an alarm to the emergency services so less of a target and an amazing feature
  7. Geotrack means that I can track him if he wanders off
  8. ICE- For emergency service use, contact details and his medical needs making my life less worrisome with his speech issues
  9. Easily limits over use of games (no arguing about getting off it)
  10. Limits spends too (phew)
  11. blocks prank calls so makes it safer
  12. I have full control of SMS and Call history... which is much needed.

OK so WOW, I am sold on this by just writing it down! Why doesn't every phone have an emergency contact form and a SOS call button?? I would feel much safer with that. Although teaching him when to use it will take a little while but having it there will make life so much easier. Hmmmmmm this has made my life much harder... to buy it or not?


We've been looking at tablets for Rocky. Yes, I know, he's 2 and why does he need a tablet when he could have a wooden train... well he has a wooden train, he has LOADS of imagination and so he's playing all the time but what about when he doesn't have the toys there....

  1. Kyd's hospital appointments are very boring for him, he sits in his pushchair screaming to get out because he's bored, this isn't helpful, for me or the doctor... a tablet would help this and the Doctor do his job.
  2. My work takes me all over the place and travelling can be boring too and taking huge amounts of toys and books is usually not possible... a tablet of his own with all his games on... would be perfect.
  3. When Kyd is doing some work on his iPad, Rocky wants to press button on the screen... if he has his own he can do some work and Kyd can do his in peace...
  4. When we are on a plane... OMG have you ever been on a plane with a toddler? It is Hell!
  5. If he had one he wouldn't steal MINE!

I'm sold as to whether he needs one just from the last hospital appointment we went to, it turns out you can't do a hearing test in the room with a screaming toddler. Limiting the usage is something Kurio obviously pride themselves on as I have read up a lot on the products today, so that is something I can tick off my list of cons. Breaking it is another as it comes with a protective skin. Oh and it has body motion gaming too which I will trying out if we do get one.

Now the question is to go XL or not to go XL?


I was not paid for this post and I wasn't given the product to keep in exchange for my honest opinion of the item and it's features but I am applying to be a Kurio Blogger in which there will be reviews involved if I get it... which will be cool. Please see the T&C's at the bottom of the page for more information.