Funny Things - Sanitary Towel Stickers

We tend to spend weekend mornings watching cbeebies or films on the iPad, all squished into one bed... our bed! When Rocky gets bored he potters off and comes back and forth causing chaos as he goes.

This Saturday morning Hoff had left the house early to go to football so we had much more room in the bed but it meant we had 2 less eyes to keep an eye on Rocky. Off he totted out of our room and when I realised he'd been very quiet for far too long, a whole minute, I went to investigate... what I saw I was not expecting.

Rocky had sanitary towels stuck to him like they were stickers given to him by the dentist. I couldn't stop laughing and called Kyd in to see, so they decided to chase me, pin me down and put one on my head. If there was ever a time where I wished we had CCTV recording our every move, THIS WAS IT!

Oh annnnnnd Later I found one on my back... was it Kyd or Rocky who put it there? I will never know! I suspect Kyd is to blame after the giggles coming from his room when I found it on there.

Bloody Kids!!!