Funny Things - Have you been shaving your skin?

Good grief, why are kids so set on growing up so quickly. This week I sent Kyd to wash his face upstairs and when I got summoned from the top of the stairs with a whimpering Kyd voice, I had a quick slap in the face of reality that Kyd is definitely growing up too fast.

Stood at the top of the stairs with a flannel to his face, I asked him what the red on his head was. It looked like smudged lipstick, I automatically laughed. What have you been doing? Then he took the flannel from his mouth...

There was a huge chunk of his lip missing. The conversation we had went like this...

Me: WHOAAAA!! WHAT HAVE YOU DONE? How on earth have you done that?
Kyd: My toothbrush...
Me: You cut yourself on your toothbrush? How?
Kyd: *nods with a whimper* yeah
Me: No you didn't. What did you do?
Kyd: I fell into the corner of that *points at door frame*
Me: hmmm no you didn't, What did you do? *walks into bathroom and spots razor on the sink*  Did you try and shave like Hoff?
Kyd: No
Me: *looks at him with a quizzical smile*
Kyd: *nods*
Me: *shakes head laughing whilst cleaning up the blood* You do know you need hair on your face before you can shave Kyd? We have discussed this before. Where did you get the razor?
Kyd *nods and points to on top of cupboard*
Me: Bloody hell nothing is safe you're way too tall now. No shaving until your face has hair OK?
Kyd: OK
Me: You're such a div
Kyd: I know, can I have a plaster?
Me: FOR YOUR LIP??? No sweety, you're just going to have to look like you've been in a fight for a bit. Every time you look in the mirror it will remind you why you don't need to shave! *laughs loudly*
Kyd: *laughs louder* You're mean
Me: Yup, I'm supposed to be I'm your mum. Now go and clean the blood off the sink you div.
Kyd: *rolls eyes and walks into the bathroom*

HONESTLY what a bloody numpty! He won't be doing that again!

*disclaimer* Razors were at the highest point of the bathroom out of reach of children but he's now a giant. They are now kept in the en-suite which we lock.