Living Arrows (5/52)

I love the fact that the hospital waiting room brings so much colour to little people's lives. They are almost as excited to be there as they are a playground.

This week Kyd had a very stressful trip to his surgeon. He is at the age now that he knows what is coming and we had discussed who he was seeing and why... can you tell he was just about to have painful treatment in this picture? Nope. He is the bravest superhero in my life and with his sidekick by his side he seems to forget all his issues and as siblings they can rule the world... or the kitchen as the case may be.

This photo has so many meanings and loves for me. The colours seem to ping out of the screen and the setting is quite a dominant and poignant one. Although I'm not sure without knowing you'd realise that was a hospital. The playing of two siblings is always beautiful to me, especially when they are mine as this photo represents a very rare quiet moment that wasn't wrestling or noise related.