Down Syndrome

There is always someone, somewhere, worse off than you....

I took Kyd to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford this week for a long awaited appointment.

Only a week after his 11th birthday, Kyd has been told he's due to have surgery on his bowel in a couple of months time. He's having an ACE tube fitted. It is quite a complicated operation but it will stop the pain he has daily because of his lazy bowel and constipation. Eventually the bowel may heal itself and he can have a normal, healthy, active adulthood... HURRAH... it may not though and he may end up with a bag for life... and that isn't a shopping one.

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#LDWeek13 - Our Superhero, Our Kyd

Learning disabilities come in all shapes and sizes and some aren't seen as 'serious' or 'real' in some people's eyes, which is a real shame in this day and age.... this week celebrates all of the people who deal or cope with, teach, diagnose, help and understand all the different types of learning disabilities, whether it be helping a child/adult with them or showing faith and confidence in yourself to achieve all that you can whilst having them... you are all superheroes to me.

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Disciplining my child with Down Syndrome

Do not underestimate my child’s understanding of right and wrong! 

Over the past 10 years I have read up on, listened to and watched others, to find the best way to bring up Kyd as a child with Down Syndrome but also as a child in general. What I have learnt is that actually there is no difference just a few extra hurdles for those with disabilities.

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