Down Syndrome

Don't Worry, Be Happy...


Don't lie, you so sung that title then didn't you?! If not, why not? You uncultured swines... just kidding.

Life isn't all about medical issues and whether or not your child measures up to societies idea of what is normal. Life is about celebrating being on the planet and making the most of what you've got, not what you haven't got. 

Recently I have been trying to explain to people how Kyd's Down Syndrome is a blessing in disguise and that things could have been a whole lot worse if mother nature had rolled the dice differently. Usually they look at me like I have just done a really hard maths sum and they don't get it but this analogy applies to everyone. I know I sing this tune a lot but there is always someone worse off than you. ALWAYS. Take that and run with it, stop worrying about the crap and start enjoying the small things. Good things come to those who smile from the inside and I believe that if you make the most of any situation you'll be rewarded with inner happiness. Life is a whole bunch of challenges and challenges are successful if you just concentrate on the end result and getting there safely with a smile.

NOW have this picture of a cat in a lions mane hat and go and enjoy your challenges in life, find a positive for the day and sing some sort of happy song to get you on your way...