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Myths and Misconceptions of a child with Down Syndrome

Sometimes I hear things in passing that I think 'actually you're wrong' but I feel like I can't correct it and find myself biting my lip to be polite because they 'mean well'...

This is mainly through misconceptions and ignorance (not nasty ignorance just general ignorance) and so until someone does say 'WELL ACTUALLY...' they will never learn and this will go round in circles.

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There is always someone, somewhere, worse off than you....

I took Kyd to the John Radcliffe Hospital in Oxford this week for a long awaited appointment.

Only a week after his 11th birthday, Kyd has been told he's due to have surgery on his bowel in a couple of months time. He's having an ACE tube fitted. It is quite a complicated operation but it will stop the pain he has daily because of his lazy bowel and constipation. Eventually the bowel may heal itself and he can have a normal, healthy, active adulthood... HURRAH... it may not though and he may end up with a bag for life... and that isn't a shopping one.

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