Down Syndrome

Kyd Does Breakfast...

Kyd's Independence Training is well under way, actually it always has been but it's very clear that it is working at the moment. This morning he got up and made his own breakfast but unlike before I hadn't set out what he needed to do so. He chose what he wanted and got on with it, even cleaned up after himself putting everything away, which is more than most adults do.

His choice for me was a shocking one. Unlike every time before when he'd asked for toast and whatever spread he fancied that day, he went for a very healthy option. With other 'not so healthy' cereals on offer and bread ready to toast, he chose Weetabix, Banana and Kiwi Fruit... I mean this shouldn't shock me as he loves fruit but putting them together the way he did, chopping the banana and opening the kiwi like a health conscious adult, was just a bit too much for my tired morning brain. He just looked so grown up. He even took the picture above before he ate it hahahaha he's definitely a blogger's son.

Well done Kyd, I'm very proud of you... now to drum this into your brother.

Kyd has decided he wants to try out batch cooking these Apple Recipes but I am more interested in this Diet Chef review as I think we'll need it after all those apple recipes.