Down Syndrome

Dear 16 year old me - Thank You Letter to the people of the internet... #WDSD15

Rhys and I.jpg

Dear People of the Tinternet,

I posted this video on Youtube this weekend in celebration of World Down Syndrome Day 2015. It was a tough one because I am not one for feelings or sentimental mush but I felt it was about time I discussed with myself what it was really like to be me back then and explain to other parents that it's not unusual to feel the same way.

It took me many attempts and a lot of editing to get to the point where I thought 'OK, I can post this.... I think'. I hate my voice and the idea of talking to myself was weird but it really helped and I do feel like it 'got it out of my system' as it were.

It had a great response on facebook and twitter and I am really grateful for all the lovely comments and words of praise.... but I can't stand people being nice to me and so I hid from facebook for a few days until it had died down. I just can't handle praise, it makes me feel all queasy inside... I'm a weird girl.

ANYWAY Thank You for all your shares and comments, it really does mean a lot... even if I get all panicky and can't express it properly.

Love You All

 Alice xxx