Down Syndrome

Snizzles, Snorts and Snot Rags

So Kyd turned 10 last week and as amazing as that is, his birthdays also have an alternative meaning....

The start of the season of Snizzles, Snorts and Snot Rags!!

Yep, every year, as soon as Kyd's birthday has past us, it's time to start stocking up on Calpol, Tissues and Comfort food. It sort of puts a downer on his birthdays as I know he has months of suffering ahead. It does make me want to go all out each year for his birthday celebrations, as this is generally the last time he gets to have fun outside or without worries of catching all sorts of nasties.

You see Kyd's immune system is almost absent. He tends to get/catch anything within a mile radius. This can be anything from a common cold every other week to a chest infection that lasts months. Oh and don't get me started on the virus' he receives so kindly from his friends at school either, as they can be horrendous.

I know it is normal for kids to get ill in winter but this year alone he had the whole of February off school due to illness. Once he gets his first cold...... that's it..... his immune system shuts down for winter. It's a sad old time for us all as once he gets it it's like dominoes!..... and I don't mean the Pizza company..... It goes Kyd, Me, Hoff.... and now we have Rocky to contend with too. Poorly babies are not fun when you are ill yourself, let alone with a poorly 10 year old and Mr Man Flu added into it. It means we have to be housebound quite often and are restricted with activities and visitors too.... To be honest there is no difference to the last year of my life there anyway due to being pregnant and then ill myself in many, many different ways!

Yay for me.... cue massive sigh of self pity!

Oh and get this, once winter is over, he gets his hayfever back. How lovely is that??.... but to be honest this is easily medicated each year, so I don't count it as an issue.

So here's to the sneezes that land in your hair, the sound of the snorts and blowing of noses and even the mound of Snot Rags I will soon be tripping over and finding in odd places, like in cups and shoes (don't ask). And here's to the empty bottles of Antibiotics, the stash of Calpol and the packets of kleenex in every bag, coat and orifice!

Welcome home winter!.... 
 I would say it's lovely to see you but that'd be a lie and I was always told not to do that so I'll leave you with SOD OFF!

Insights, MedicalAlice Hassall