Down Syndrome

World Down Syndrome Day 2014 - Health and Wellbeing #lotsofsocks

Today (21/03/14) is World Down Syndrome Day.

This year's theme is

Health and Wellbeing. 

Children with Down Syndrome have more health issues than your average child, that is well documented, but it isn't set in stone as to what they have and when. They can have completely different timescales for their health issues, milestones, education, puberty or adulthood journeys.

There are some common traits of children with Down Syndrome and being more prone to health issues is one of them. It doesn't mean they will get everything that others with Downs have had in the past but it can be a similar pattern of life events... in the same way we have similar life event patterns to others in this world, it really is no different. 

They do like to keep people on their toes though and make you think in a different way to your average parent, or person in general for that matter. They make us think about what is important in our own lives and what really matters... but all they really want is for people to accept that different isn't necessarily a bad thing and that they can do whatever you can given the chance and sometimes a little extra helping hand.

Children with Down Syndrome are as individual as you and me. 

This is a fact of life.

No two children are the same, not even identical twins...

Not even two children with Down Syndrome!

You'll probably see an influx of pictures of odd socks on your timelines via all social media  outlets today, this is a campaign for World Down Syndrome Day 2014, this is to show the individuality, diversity and to represent the extra chromosome present in people who have Down Syndrome.

Get involved and send us your socksie pics using the

#WDSD14 and #lotsofsocks

You can also help us raise money for the Down Syndrome Association by joining our Text Campaign set up by the lovely DownSideUp and check out her linky where fellow bloggers are linking up to share their stories there are some great reads!