Down Syndrome

WDSD 2012 - Kyd's Magic Treat List

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World Down Syndrome Day.... 21st March 2012

World Down Syndrome Day is quite a new thing so don't worry if you've not heard of it... I hadn't until last year. It is a day to celebrate Down Syndrome and educate the public by making them aware of the strengths of those with Down Syndrome... I think it's nice to show off their strengths for a day rather than defending their honour against the ignorant. The day is also set up to raise awareness of the amazing achievements of those who work with people with Down Syndrome and just proves how much YOU can do to make that small bit of difference in someone else's life....

Why the 21st March?
People with Down Syndrome are born with an extra Chromosome 21, that is all that makes their genetics different to you or me... just that one extra part of their DNA.... that makes their chromosome 21 count to 3 not 2... March being the 3rd month of the year... hence 21-3.... TA DA... clever hey! lol

Last year we were a little unaware of what we could do to celebrate so we just had a nice dinner... but this year WDSD has hit the world of Down Syndrome by storm and there were all sorts going on from fund-raisers to parties all the way around the world.

So we thought, as we were on a trip back from visiting family and watching football, we would do something extra special to make the journey and day a little more interesting.... To celebrate Kyd being Kyd and all things Kyd... We got him to list exactly what he would like to do in one day if he could have the best day ever.... who's silly idea was that ay??

HERE IS THE LIST (It's a bit random)...

See Family


Eat Pizza

Meet a player

Have a Sleepover

Have a Lie In

Play FIFA in Bed

Chocolate for Breakfast

Play Computer Games

Buy a New Wrestling Game

Buy New Football Cards


See Flynn the Dog

Go to the Seaside/River

See some Horses

Drink Coke

Go To the Pub

Play Darts and Pool

Phone Stacy

Eat Chips in the Pub

Play more iPad

Sing to The Kaiser Chiefs

Go Home to Cats

Play Play Station 3

Watch Tubes (Soccer AM) 

Go for a Drive in Car

Look at Trees

Go To Shops

Get Money (not sure who or where from just get it... if only I could do that)

Go To Park

Watch TV with Hoff and Mum

No Rain

See some Sheep

Dance Madly to Music

Eat Sweets

Go to the Gym


These were ALL achieved in just 1 day (although a couple of things were improvised) and they were documented by photo's and regularly updated on Facebook and Twitter for evidence... some were achieved the night before, but let's be fair somewhere in the world it was already WDSD so it technically wasn't cheating! They weren't achieved in the order he listed them as that would've been madness but they were in fact ALL ticked off before bed time... well before he passed out on the sofa anyway! I quote Kyd... 'The Best Day EVER!' well that was one way of keeping a long journey from being a bore... even if it did mean a bit of a detour and a few extra hours due to stoppage time...

It was lovely to spend the day with my (slightly huge) baby doing everything he loves. It was even lovelier to see his smile so wide and so constant, it made me realise what an amazing achievement I've had bringing such a beautiful, funny, talented individual into this world.

World Down Syndrome Day 2012 to me meant, an overwhelming sense of that Proud Mummy Feeling and a picture of that amazing smile that will stay in my head forever!

World Down Syndrome Day 2012 to Kyd meant, a way of showing the world he loves everything that you love too... nothing about him is different, his life is just that little bit more interesting... in good ways and bad!

Don't ever hesitate to ask me any questions about Down Syndrome, I won't be offended or shocked I will try and give you the answer you need and I will always aim to educate you further and give you an insight into the world of Kyd and his friends.... 

So that's World Down Syndrome Day 2012.... DONE! I wonder what next years will bring?!