Down Syndrome

Kyd and Yoda the Monkey Doctor

Kyd spent today preparing for his operation which is tomorrow morning.

He did all his favourite things in town, he had his favourite food at his favourite places and then made himself his third hospital bear.


He creates a hospital bear at Build-a-Bear each time he has an operation for taking down to surgery with him and helping him get better afterwards.

His hospital bear keeps him safe whilst he's in the operating theatre.

His hospital bear is there to make him smile when he wakes up.

His hospital bear is there to hug him when he is in pain.

His hospital bear sits on his bed as he gets better and tells the doctors if he needs anything.

His hospital bear smiles even when he doesn't feel like smiling.

His hospital bear is there to remind him how brave he is being.

Annnnnnnd this time around...

His hospital bear is as crazy as he is...

Meet Yoda the monkey dressed as a Doctor, who sings the Star Wars theme and smells like strawberry's.
He has helped Kyd pack tonight too... but keeping with the theme of bonkers... he packed an apple instead of a banana because apparently he 'doesn't do bananas' *rollseyes*

Yoda has an alter ego too... 

By day he is Yoda the Monkey Doctor... 

By night he is Yoda the Iron Man Monkey hacker!

Naughty Yoda!!

I caught him hacking my blog... Naughty, Naughty Yoda!!

So, could you all please wish Yoda the Monkey Doctor/Iron Man luck with helping Kyd during his time in theatre and with his recovery... it's a tough job but somebody has to do it... and if Iron Man can't help... WHO CAN???


Good Luck Kyd (and Yoda) 

Love From

Mummy xxx 

General, MedicalAlice Hassall