Down Syndrome

An Update On Kyd - Post Op

I can not believe it is nearly February already. 2014 seems to be disappearing before my very eyes.

I have had a very busy first few weeks of the year though and I suspect this is what the theme of 2014 will be from now on.

Sadly my laptop and all that was on it died a hideous death whilst we were in hospital and I was left with no access to my blog and to top it off, with a dying smart phone too I couldn't even get much time on facebook or my emails either and for me that is a complete mess and tragedy. So as you can see, I have had a nightmare few weeks of technology based emptiness and sadness and so if you've not been able to get hold of me... it was their fault, stupid laptop, stupid phone *mumbles expletives under breath*

ANYWAY the good news is...

This blog update has been brought to you via my brand new, slightly early, birthday present from The Hoff. He has literally saved my world more times than not and so I am very much in debt to him right now... just don't tell him that or he'll milk it!

Anyway back to the important stuff...

*An Update on Kyd*

Kyd is recovering well from his operation and is coping well with his new ACE tube. He has an infection in the wound where the tube enters the body but apparently this is quite common, it is sore but he's fine with that because he's a trooper... However he isn't happy that the antibiotics are not yellow and do not taste like bananas, they're red, look like they're going to taste yummy but alas they taste like earwax... *Just to add, we don't eat earwax, it is a reference brought to you from an accidental tasting of fingertips after itching ears... lets face it we've all done it!*

He's had a rocky few weeks but he has smiled throughout, especially at me when I was getting angry with my computer for being dead, he liked that, he thought it was hilarious... it wasn't!

He has had some great days since he had his operation, including going to Mummy Barrow's house to hold the real £1.5m FA Cup... no really, it was in her house, I'll tell you about it all in the next post. He's played with Mum on the Brink's children in the hospital and even wrote her little girl a love letter, *coughs with wide eyes* I thought this generation only used emails and texts so a letter was lovely to see, he's an old fashioned soul. He has also been back to his favourite café in Reading, Shed, which he had been asking for the whole time he had been in hospital. He scoffed his way through his usual and then a large piece of cake and then asked for more... little porker. He has had Nanny to keep him company whilst out too. She was down looking after Rocky whilst I was concentrating on Kyd so he's been happy to see her too. He even learned a few new tricks from the football freestyler Matt Minnis who was in the local shopping centre yesterday, which went down well.

He goes back to school tomorrow. He has had only a week and a half off and he is like a fidgety puppy needing a wee. He is so desperate to see his friends and teachers and show them his new addition, his tube. He is a real boy he loves a good scar or wound, he has shown everyone it since he had it done and I suspect will do for some time to come. The good thing about SEN schools is that he can go back this quickly because they have a nurse on site at all times. The nurse is even trained in his tube treatments and dressings etc and so I am at ease in knowing that he is in good hands. He is going to have a large dressing over the tube so it doesn't get knocked or pulled or so on so he can play as usual... just no wrestling or swimming for a while.

I am pretty sure Kyd has some sort of super powers. He's hardly had any pain relief since the op and he was up and about asking to go to school before we even left the hospital. Most adults would have been whining for ages after and stayed in bed for as long as possible with a sick note to boot, let alone dealt with the new daily regime that his ACE has left for him to do. I am pretty sure that his extra chromosome has added a little something to him, like when Spiderman was bitten by the spider in the lab, he has grown this thick skin that makes him more powerful than you or I... well that is what I tell him anyway...

So from all of us here at superhero towers... I mean... My Life, My Son, My Way.... We would like to thank you for all your kind words and prayers whilst he was in hospital, it helped, he's just fine.

Lots of Love and Thanks

General, MedicalAlice Hassall