Down Syndrome

16 years - No looking back


It’s funny, I haven’t blogged for ages but this morning when I woke up the owner of a brand new 16 year old, my first thought was “write it down Alice”.

I don’t really know what I feel about this milestone, I seem to have a knot in my stomach and a tear in my eye, but I am not sure whether I’m sad, proud, happy, massively freaked out or just due on (TMI) OR all of the above.

When I was pregnant, and blissfully unaware of the genetic craziness growing inside me, I would say “It’s fine that I’m only 16 because when he’s 16 I’ll only be 32 and we can be like best mates”.

When he was diagnosed with Down Syndrome, 24hrs after he was born, this was the thing that tore my stomach apart with pain. It was suddenly unknown as to what the future would bring him. When/if he hit 16 where would he/we be? What would he be able to do? Not do? Would he be healthy? Life was completely unknown, the future was just a big misty ball of nothingness and fear.

Amazingly given my mental state and his many hurdles health and development wise, we have survived and thrived through every storm and come out stronger than a strong thing made of strong stuff. Therefore I am no longer looking back and only forward.

He has achieved so much in these troubled waters and today we celebrate all that Rhys is and will be in the future… even if he does want to be a Wispa, Burger and PS4 game tester.

We can’t go back to yesterday, we were different people then.

Happy Birthday Big Bean xx