Down Syndrome

Seeing The World Through Your Kids Eyes

Seeing the world through your kids eyes

We see small things,
They see big things.

We see mess,
They see fun.

We see cute,
They see future embarrassment.

We see dangers lurking,
They see adventure.

We see complications,
They see a challenge.

We see a child with disabilities,
They simply see a child!

If only we could see what they see and live in a world where different is nothing to be scared of.

We adults seem to complicate things when we look at them. Sometimes we need to take a step back and realise that some things are quite simple really.

A disabled child is simply just a person, living their life, just like you and me. They like what they like, dislike what they want to dislike and they are as stubborn and as pushy and as sensitive to hurtful words as we are. They have a sense of humour, they have endless knowledge of things we will never understand which gives them more of an education than we will ever have (and in most cases they are more willing to learn).

Why do we see the difference before we see the similarities?

We all know children ask the questions we are too scared to ask and we panic and get embarrassed by what they say. More times than not the people asked are happier to answer them, than to have people just assume the answers and get it wrong.

To be asked a question and give a straight and honest answer, is to educate someone who is willing to learn.

I wrote that! Not bad for me ay?!  
This weekend we spent time with some amazing kids at an event in London. Kyd was on his own at this event, with no familiar faces other than mine. The kids were mixed between normal families to ones in the public eye and not one of them paid any attention to his speech problem or the fact that he has downs. They dragged him around and showed him the experiments and laughed and smiled as he beat them at the games. Some of these kids won't have come across Downs before but they didn't bat an eyelid as they didn't see the difference between him and them, they just saw a kid.

I sat back and took it all in as he played with the kids and laughed and joked. I just wanted to wrap them all up and keep them at that age. Keep them innocent, inquisitive and young. Keep them in the stage of life where ignorance is bliss and adult minds and the media haven't destroyed their open minds.

It's just a shame that they will one day own that panic that we do when it comes to seeing the differences in others rather than the similarities.

I hope that one day we all see things through the eyes of our innocent kids and we will learn to not judge on first sight.....

I'm not sure it will happen that quickly but we can all dream ay?!