Down Syndrome

#LDWeek13 - Our Superhero, Our Kyd

This week is Learning Disability Week and unlike Katie 'Media Whore' Hopkins I think it is a bloody important thing to celebrate and share.

Learning disabilities come in all shapes and sizes and some aren't seen as 'serious' or 'real' in some people's eyes, which is a real shame in this day and age.... this week celebrates all of the people who deal or cope with, teach, diagnose, help and understand all the different types of learning disabilities, whether it be helping a child/adult with them or showing faith and confidence in yourself to achieve all that you can whilst having them... you are all superheroes to me.

Learning Disability Week is an annual awareness-raising campaign organised by Mencap. This year it is taking place from 19-25 August 2013 and will celebrate people with a learning disability, their families and supporters by asking the question; who is your real-life superhero?

So here goes...

My Real Life Superhero

It has to be...

Our Kyd....

He changed my life, like the Spider who bit Spiderman.

He made me see things differently, like Superman sees through walls.

He taught me to love, like Spotty loves SuperTed.

He taught me to see, like he was The Human Torch.

He is a fighter, like Flash Gordon.

He is as strong as Iron Man but as vulnerable as Clark Kent.

He taught me to speak my mind, like Captain America.

He taught me to smile, like The Joker (I know he's the villain but you know).

He amazes me everyday, like watching The Silver Surfer fly through the sky.

He changes all the time, like the Hulk... no, really, it's quite scary.

His force is strong in the world like Thing.


He eats more than Bananaman.

He is MY superhero.

He is MY Batman... & Rocky is his Robin.


A little obvious, yes, but for me his strength, determination and pride in himself teaches so many, so much, that he screams SUPERHERO to me.

He conquers every task life throws at him and in fact he has a better life than most for doing so.

Life changed for me on 28/09/2002 and much to people's surprise when they heard the news, it changed for the better. It took me a while to see that. The shock and pain actually drifts through my mind still now, mainly when I see him struggling with pain and fighting with something he's struggling to do, it hurts my insides to think I can't help him sometimes. 

So I have to remind myself this...

I CAN...

I can be there to push him forward when he needs it. 

Cuddle him when he can't take the pain anymore.

Wipe his tears when it gets too much.

Share his laughter when he starts to feel better.

Join him in his celebrations when he succeeds in a task.

Love him when he feels the world on his shoulders...

I can be his Sidekick forever...

Well until he gets older and tells me I'm embarrassing and to get the pants off my head and sod off that is...

But until then... just call me... 

ummmm..... What can I be....

I like Cats...

Damn It... Cat Woman is taken!!

Ummmm OK I can't think of my Sidekick name

I'll leave that for your imagination!