Down Syndrome

It Just Takes Them A Little Bit Longer


*Just a little note from me*

I often get asked 'When will he...?' there is no answer to that question, Kyd works at his own pace and so do all kids especially those with Down Syndrome, it is what it is. 

We have learnt that you just go with the flow in this life, live life as and when it happens, not as and when a book says it should.

I learnt not to look to the future too much, as if you don't expect it, they'll shock you with all they do.

They will ALWAYS achieve more than you had ever expected if you don't put a schedule to their development. If you dwell on what the future may bring and when it'll bring it, you'll only be disappointing your own expectations... and that is never fun.

Chill out, relax and enjoy the rollercoaster that is parenting a child with Down Syndrome.

Oh and don't forget...

Celebrate EVERYTHING, nothing is too small to celebrate with over exaggerated praise and a slice of cake!

(maybe a gin or two after they're in bed too... obviously)