Down Syndrome

16 years - No looking back

It’s funny, I haven’t blogged for ages but this morning when I woke up the owner of a brand new 16 year old, my first thought was “write it down Alice”.

I don’t really know what I feel about this milestone, I seem to have a knot in my stomach and a tear in my eye, but I am not sure whether I’m sad, proud, happy, massively freaked out or

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Myths and Misconceptions of a child with Down Syndrome

Sometimes I hear things in passing that I think 'actually you're wrong' but I feel like I can't correct it and find myself biting my lip to be polite because they 'mean well'...

This is mainly through misconceptions and ignorance (not nasty ignorance just general ignorance) and so until someone does say 'WELL ACTUALLY...' they will never learn and this will go round in circles.

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The Magic of The FA Cup

When Kyd was in hospital he missed a whopper of a football game a 7-1 win for Reading at home to Bolton. Kyd has had a season ticket for 7 years now and he has NEVER seen a game like that. He has seen 6 goals and begged for 7 but he's never seen a game where he's been chanting 'We want 8, We want 8'. Alas due to having surgery on the Thursday he could not attend this game and he felt cheated, like he'd hit the beans on toast in a 0-0 tie against Man Utd at the 90th minute... cheated.

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