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The reason why your friend with a child with 'needs' hasn't been in contact recently...

I often hear people grumbling about friends not understanding why they can't do everything they used to and how boring people have got now they have children. The case is even more exaggerated when the friend in question has a child with 'needs'. Whether it be physical, mental or medical or a mix of all three, parents with children of 'needs' quite frankly have more to think about than what to have for tea or whether they'll make it to your birthday bash next week.

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Hibernation isn't just a winter thing...

So I have been hibernating over the summer; you know like a bear or a squirrel does in winter but without the nuts and a bit less snow. Mainly because I'm on new medication that made me sleepy for a while, but also because the kids have been at home with me and the house needed me to hold it's hand throughout the ordeal that is called "the summer holidays". 

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#BritMumsLive - An Inspiringly Drunken Good Time

Blogging is a funny old world. You have the highs, the lows, the crazies, the lovelies and the wine.... ALL THE WINE. 

This weekend was Britmums Live, a blogging conference at The Brewery in London. I have been going to this conference for years now and each year has been completely different but with one similar tradition... Alice gets drunk and makes a tit out of herself to the amusement/annoyance of others. This years BML I did not disappoint in said tradition... even as I walked in I was instantly thrust upon some of CBeebies TwirlyWoos of which I may have accused of staring at my boobs! *face palm*

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Stop bloody whining and get on with it...

I have been getting so wound up recently by people WHINING about their situations in life on social media... RARRRRRRR grow a pair mate. I am guilty of over sharing but for every negative whinge I bring with it a smile about something else, a sense of humour that goes a long way. At first it is natural to post sad help me things and everyone will come to you with support and love but after a while people just don't care and can physically be seen to roll their eyes at every update. It's embarrassing.

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Organising the Hoffice...

Hoff starts a new job this week and after 13 years at his old company this will be a BIG DAY for him. In preparation for his new start we decided to give the 'Hoffice' a clear out and freshen up ready for us both to work in.

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#Sp, HomeAlice Hassall
Random Father's Day Gifts - The Gift of Cringe

Those who truly love their dads, embarrass their dads. So forget the socks and mugs this Father’s Day – give Dad something which will have the whole family roaring with laughter: Accentuate. I love the idea of this game. My accents are AWFUL and so are my dad's so this is amazing. Also Hoff's idea of a scouse accent is the same as a farmer... no idea how or why but they sound the same when he tries.

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Another Father's Day - Another Awkward Present Panic...

Ohhhh dammit, it's that time of year in which the shops start talking father's day. It is a lovely time of year and although before Hoff, when a single mum, it was just annoying and a bit sad that I had none to buy for. Now I just dread it because it means I have to once again think of what on earth to buy him. As if Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas weren't enough. 

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