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Why Pact Coffee and Sage Appliances have saved my life... well sort of.

When we re-did our kitchen in February, we actually created it around what we call 'coffee corner' as Hoff is a Coffee head and I'd been teaching myself to drink it instead of fizzy. We had already decided that we had to accessorise our kitchen with a Sage Appliances Coffee Machine as I have had my eye on Mummy Barrow's for at least a year. And do you know what? I haven't looked back since. 

I drank Dr Pepper every day. I drank at least 500ml if not more. It was addiction at it's weirdest. It was making me fat and my teeth fall out (not quite but you get the idea). I suddenly started getting really tired and ill, the taste had changed slightly but it was still Dr Pepper. and I hadn't put two and two together. One day I read the back of the bottle and I realised they had started substituting the sugars with Aspartame. Aspartame had been the cause of a year long battle with fatigue and illness years before, so I avoid it at all costs now. The day I cut it out of my diet I felt like a weight had lifted and I become healthier and so no 'diet' or 'sugar free' options were ever added into my diet. This new addition had devastated me. What was I going to do without my beloved Dr P? 

So I taught myself to drink coffee. It took ages and I hated it for a very long time. Then we got the machine and we started buying our coffee beans from PACT. PACT is a coffee bean subscription which lands on your door fresh and ready to grind. It comes depending on how many coffees you drink a week, I have to admit I have upped my subscription because I drink more now. Suddenly I love coffee. These beans come from all over the world and have taste info cards made by the PACT experts, it's teaching me about coffee as much as fuelling my days.

I now have the energy boost that the Dr Pepper gave me but with half the calories. Actually practically no calories at all as I drink it black. There is no aspartame involved and although I have issues elsewhere I genuinely feel like getting the coffee machine and PACT subscription has saved me from a life long health issue with aspartame... again. I do still drink the odd bottle of Dr P but nowhere near as much as I did. 

I am sat here in my holiday home in Lincolnshire, looking at the machine lovingly, after packing it into the car before I'd even packed my clothes and redirecting my beans to the summer address. I am just about to make one... anyone want a cup?