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#thesmldiet Simple Plan - Midweek check in

Just checking in so you can catch up on my diet plan if you've not been following on my Instagram (@lifeasaliceblog).  

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I'm on day 4 and I'm still alive. It is going ok, it's been a hard 4 days but I wasn't expecting it to be easy as any VLCD diet is going to make you struggle to start with. The spaceman sachets as we've nicknamed them have been hit and miss, they taste better than they look and they look... well... yeah. The shakes are so nice it makes lunchtimes amazing. I am loving the fact we can have veg and spices because I am finding new ways of cooking veg that tastes amazing and that can only be a good thing. 

Oh and the snack bars... you get 1 a day. I have split it into 5 each day and nibbled on that when I am desperate. It has been the saving grace of the diet so far and they actually taste amazing. I think of Diet snack bars and think 'eugghhh they'll taste of cardboard'. Nope. Not these ones. I have fallen head over heals for the Lemon Pie bars, they're lush. They're crunchy so it feels like a biscuit which is exactly what I need when my belly rumbles mid afternoon. Life is good when you have that bar in your mouth.

The only really bad part of the diet so far is the porridge. You don't have to have porridge you can have a shake or one of the other options but I ordered it because I have porridge every morning anyway. It is a bit like bread dough flavoured baby food. The texture is tacky like paste and it is just not a great start to the day. However, it does fill you up a little bit and keep you going so it's doing it's job. I will be grateful for my regular porridge next week though. 

On a positive note, I do feel like I have lost a bit of weight and I am so proud of myself because I am actually sticking to it. There is a bottle of Dr Pepper in the fridge and it's still sealed. This is a breakthrough for me! 



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