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#thesmldiet Simple Plan - Is this diet suitable for me?

This week I will be setting sail on The SML Diet journey back to the old me. I will be starting a VLCD (very low calorie diet, 800cals or less) named the Simple Plan with SML and taking you all on my journey via Instagram as I do so. 

During my epic trip to Thailand and Cambodia with TAT, I was followed around by their photographer and videographer, this didn't bother me at all, I'm a blogger photos is what we do. However at the end of the week whilst watching the montage of our journey, I was hit with the reality of my 2016 weight gain. After starting new medication in November I had put on 3 stone in weight. All of it has hit my hips and thighs and it seems my ability to disguise that in my own photos had become automatic. I don't think this is healthy. I always angle my photos to avoid reality, this is a trick we all use in life but one in which I'd used to avoid accepting my own weight gain. I'm now aware of the effects of said weight gain and unhappy with the way I look in the mirror, this can be helped and changed but only if I'm gentle on myself.


Is this a suitable diet for people with medical issues?

The SML Diet plans are not for the faint hearted, they are technically a detox, and detoxing is not healthy for many with medical issues. Please be aware of this and check here for guidence. I have bipolar, and so VLCD's seek medical advice and acceptance before I begin. I have done just that. I have discussed and agreed with my medical team about how I will attack this diet and have regular check in phone calls with my team. If this diet becomes too much, I will stop, no pressure, no stress, all on my own say so. Never feel pressured to lose weight on these plans, if a diet doesn't work for you, stop and change it. 

Are they suitable for Allergies? 

The SML shakes and meals are very Lactose heavy, even though you mix them with water and avoid dairy, so lactose intolerant customers should avoid this diet. I have checked out the nut contents on my food sachets and apart from a few bars they are nut free, however some do have a nut traces warning so please be aware of this and email the team for advice before ordering. This is not a gluten free diet so gluten free customers should avoid. If in doubt contact the SML team!

Can you eat any actual food on this diet?

Yep, you can have 200g of veg each day. These can be cooked with spices etc and so can be a real help when hunger calls. During the Simple Plan you are allowed one of the SML snack bars too, 1 bar a day in fact. However I am planning on cutting the bar into 5 pieces in order to spread out the sweet yumminess. I have a sweet tooth and so hopefully this will cure my cravings.


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