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Stop bloody whining and get on with it...

I have been getting so wound up recently by people WHINING about their situations in life on social media... RARRRRRRR grow a pair mate. I am guilty of over sharing but for every negative whinge I bring with it a smile about something else, a sense of humour that goes a long way. At first it is natural to post sad help me things and everyone will come to you with support and love but after a while people just don't care and can physically be seen to roll their eyes at every update. It's embarrassing.

Life is too bloody short to whinge about what could have been or to ask why you? or even why not you? There is no place for what ifs and buts although it is natural to be disappointed about missed opportunities you really need to just GET A GRIP. Positivity brings with it it's own benefits and so the more you smile and think positively the more positive things will happen... take it from someone who knows a bit of life shit when it gets flung at her.

There is even less place in the world for obvious green eyed hatred of other people's situations and lives. It is natural for people to get jealous but girl pleeeeeassse, be happy for others, jealousy is incredibly unattractive, as is attention seeking and WOW that is one thing so many seem to be good at right now.

Life flings monkey shit at everyone, some more than others but nobody has the right to lord it up over others on the sympathy stakes despite having a lot of shit thrown at them. You do not know what other people are battling behind closed doors, they may not shout as loud as you but that is because they aren't as crass. Asking for support is one thing, explaining your situation as support for others is another... woe is me, is just damn right bleeeuuughhhhh. 

You may have been through a lot and lost a lot too but it's time to get some self respect back and  deal with life with a bit of dignity. 

Wow that has made me feel so much better,

Peace out bitches...