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Organising the Hoffice...

Hoff starts a new job this week and after 13 years at his old company this will be a BIG DAY for him. In preparation for his new start we decided to give the 'Hoffice' a clear out and freshen up ready for us both to work in. I currently sit on the sofa to do my work and it's doing nothing for my back and Hoff will need to work from home sometimes and so it needs to be a workable environment for us both. I intend to do a full makeover on it in coming months as it is currently a 'man pit' and it needs to be a bit more me and have a bit more inspiration on the walls... it currently just has football memorabilia. I will be keeping it as much 'man pit' as possible but I need a bit of Aliceness in there for it to work for me.

I have been looking for inspiration from fellow bloggers, as I know many of them work from home too and so I did a little shout out as to what theirs or their partners work space looked like. Here are some posts I read and loved...

Carolin from Mummy Alarm has written about office space and working from home a few times now and I love her organisation tips in this post - How to Organise Your Home Office as I think that is what we are lacking in the Hoffice.

On an alternative note, home offices are not just about us grown ups, Helen from The Crazy Kitchen has this post about Organising A Desk Space For A Teen as I think that is a huge thing as we come into GCSE territory this month. I love what she's done with her desk, it's what I need, a bit of girly pinkness in the 'man pit'.


Their posts had me thinking about what I need to do to make me want to work in the Hoffice and keep it organised for my brain to work properly. So, I have been internet window shopping as well as nipping down the stationary aisle in Tesco when we went shopping. Here is what I think I want and am going to put on my wish list... (Hoff take note).

Hanna's Desk at cassa a la Crazy Kitchen

Hanna's Desk at cassa a la Crazy Kitchen

Picture from warehousestoragesolutions via mummy alarm

Picture from warehousestoragesolutions via mummy alarm

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