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My Little Holiday Home By The Sea...

One day we bought a Chalet. A little wooden shed with 2 bedrooms on a holiday park site. I'd never been to the site or the area. It was a genuine impulse buy. Someone was selling it, we bought it. 

When we walked in I was like 'what have we done?' It was not very me, not very twee, not very in this century. But I love a project and so because of that I was quickly in love. 

Then we went to explore the area. We walked out of the park and followed a sandy trail through the nature filled dunes. Then we saw this... 

I sat down and I can genuinely tell you it was the first time I had breathed in at least a year. I found my headspace clearer. I had found my getaway. I had found a new home for my brain and somewhere that I could empty it and let my problems blow out to sea.

Now #projectholidayhome is underway. We are painting, upgrading, building and furnishing our little home by the sea. Me and the kids are here for 3 weeks. The kids are loving it. The dog is loving it. We are all loving it. 

Once it's done up, we will let people come and play here too but for now it's all ours.

Welcome to our little home by the sea.