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Buying new for baby? I'd buy secondhand... because I Wanna!

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We as parents (that means all of us who've created lives, not just me and Hoff) have many regrets about the things we bought from the point we peed on the stick to the present day of toddler tantrums and teenage stressiness, mostly the amount of cash we spent on the stuff we needed.

We should have bought things secondhand but we didn’t...
— 90% of parents across the modern world

The latter is something I hear a lot from so many. I wish we ourselves had, as we would have a much nicer bank balance now than we do. Hoff and I recently discussed what it was we'd have happily spent less on or even bought 'pre-loved' if we had the chance to do it over again and here are the top 3 things we came up with that we should've bought secondhand when Rocky was born... 

Our Top 3 things we'd have bought secondhand if we did it again...

Newborn Sized Clothes...

This is something that people say all the time but many new parents ignore, 'they're only in them a few weeks, get hand me downs or secondhand ones in that size'. As a nesting pregnant woman cooking a beautiful miracle, you tend to want to have the very best and think new stuff is the best; it's not. Go for a few new, a few borrowed and a few a little bit loved but are perfect for those awful explosive 'nothing can save that' type of days. 


A Bumbo...

It's one of those things you see and think 'OMG I need that in my life' when your baby gets towards those, if I leave her there she'll escape months. Well for the price of it, it's not worth  having it new. Pre-Loved all the way with this little beauty. They're wipe clean and so hygienic even if loved to bits by baby no.1.

Nursery Furniture...

Why is it that we have to buy furniture with the word 'nursery' attached to it when we're expecting? It is just a wardrobe and drawers you know; the baby doesn't come with it. I have never really understood it, however I bloody fell for that extra word that also included an extra 0 on the end of the price tag. Euuugghh, what an idiot. I actually wish now I'd gone with something else but as I bought it new I feel like we've got it for ages now. Defo something I would search for on buy and sell sites in the future.

OK, so it is lovely to buy new for your new little bundle but it is often a waste of money in which you could put into their Uni Fees, you know because by that point they'll need a few million to go. Sites like Gumtree are a nightmare to navigate and buy&sell pages on Facebook are a bit hit and miss but they're worth looking at every now and then but be prepared for the online version of carboot piranhas, you put your hand in and it's gone.

The new mobile app Wanna is worth a look though, it's promised to be like all those things but quicker, easier and all on your phone. It may get addictive though I reckon, as if you're looking for something specific you can do so ALL THE TIME! I reckon that if I had that when the kids were born I'd not only have saved money on baby stuff but I'd have had much more interesting stuff too. The good thing is, it's not just baby stuff IT'S EVERYTHING... don't tell Hoff.

Click picture for more info on Wanna-mobile

Click picture for more info on Wanna-mobile

Wanna is a platform which connects buyers and sellers of goods and services within their local communities.

By actively and automatically matching users with our unique NLP algorithm, Wanna functions as an everyday utility.

Here at wanna, we know that it can be a right old faff to take photos, do listings, arrange postage, answer questions about weight, size and measurements. We’ve taken out the hard work and made it a 1, 2, 3 step process that saves you time and a whole lot of effort in getting your no longer needed items out there in your local community.

If you'd like to find out more about the Wanna App check out their Facebook and Twitter 

This post was in conjunction with the release of the Wanna App