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Another Father's Day - Another Awkward Present Panic...

Ohhhh dammit, it's that time of year in which the shops start talking father's day. It is a lovely time of year and although before Hoff, when a single mum, it was just annoying and a bit sad that I had none to buy for. Now I just dread it because it means I have to once again think of what on earth to buy him. As if Birthdays, Anniversaries and Christmas weren't enough. 

Don't get me wrong I love buying presents and shopping in general, but Hoff is just so bloody awkward to buy for. We have come up with a fail safe option of a Tankard to start a collection but just that on it's own is a bit boring, no? 

I've been thinking it through loads this week, I'm going out of my mind. If he liked cars, I could buy him car stuff. He likes footy but we have loads of pointless footy tat already. If he smoked I suppose I could buy him some e-cigs or something but he doesn't, so that doesn't help. If he didn't have a shelf full of aftershave I'd do that... what on earth do you buy for your husband? I am literally drawing a blank.

Whilst in a bit of a tis about it, I thought I'd ask some bloggers about what they're planning to do this year for some inspiration... 

Nothing!! We’ll make him a homemade card instead!
— Carolin from Mummy Alarm
A variety of Ales or a Computer game usually.
— Laura from Tired Mummy of Two
New DC trainers here
— Sarah from Boo, Roo & Tigger Too
Lego Star Wars Mini Set
— Cerys from Rainy Day Mum
A vinyl album, a book and a packet of contraband Solpadine! #consciouslyuncoupled
— Kate from Kate Takes 5
Photo cufflinks with a picture of the kids on them
— Donna from Mummy Central
Bar of Fruit & nut & a nasal hair trimmer!
— Helen from The Crazy Kitchen
Games for PS4 and Pop Vinyl
— Chelsea from The Hazel Key

What are you planning this year?

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