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How do you want to feel? - with Radox

Radox's Creamy Range has been designed to make you feel beautiful as always but these four products make you feel amazing in four different ways... 

Each one of the Radox Creamy range have at least 2 different active natural ingredients specially chosen to transform body and mind. Radom has been blending in this way for 100 years to leave you refreshed, invigorated and ready to face the day. (rap Β£2.15)

As part of the Radox Blogger Challenge, I have been reminiscing about times I have felt the way I do when I use each of the different products... here is a little glimpse inside my head whilst I'm in the shower... ewww errr.

Feeling Romantic

We don't really do 'ROMANCE' as we both find it a bit *puke in your mouth* but on our wedding day it was impossible not to feel the romance as we were in the ruins of Reading Abbey and in the church in which my Nan and Granddad were married all those years ago. It still makes my heart smile thinking about it.

Feeling Calm

I am calmest when I am in beautiful buildings. Cathedrals are one of my favourite places to just sit when they are empty. There is just so much elegance and grace in the architecture and design that takes me away to a calm place in my head.

Feeling Rejuvenated 


I only ever feel rejuvenated when I'm on holiday and in the sun. I always feel like a new me when the sun is shining and everyone is happy to be away and enjoying themselves. Those moments of happy stay with me every time I smell cocktails too and that makes life much easier when home in damp Reading.

Feeling Pampered

I love being pampered and having my make up done by professionals. My favourite pamper moment was the morning of my wedding when Clinique did my make up for me. Always makes me smile now looking back at it. I may just go and get my face done again soon, I have a few events as excuses to do so coming up :)

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