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Hibernation isn't just a winter thing...


So I have been hibernating over the summer; you know like a bear or a squirrel does in winter but without the nuts and a bit less snow. Mainly because I'm on new medication that made me sleepy for a while, but also because the kids have been at home with me and the house needed me to hold it's hand throughout the ordeal that is called "the summer holidays". 

Only thing is, the kids went back in September... it's now October! And I am still staring at the screen like a love sick teenager unable to speak to her crush. I've rejigged my headers in order to try and start my hands and head coordinating with each other and write something invigorating for you to read but it's been a bit of a non starter. I want to be able to come back with a bang and tell you all how awesome life has been over the summer but I just can't be assed to lie to you all. In fact, it's been dull. Not much has happened and life has been just so. What sort of blogger has nothing to say?? Me, it seems. 

So there you go, I'm back with a slight coke can fizzle rather than a big champagne like poppy bang type bonanza... I so know you've missed me!