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Let the weight battle commence... Again!

It's not a secret to those on my social media that I have a real issue with my recent weight gain. I'd love to tell you that I'm confident in my own body but I'm not. I'd love to be one of those people who doesn't care what others see and think but I do. I absolutely hate my body and I'm not ashamed to say it.

Bipolar medication can cause some severe side effects. It can be almost not worth taking them as although they may reduce the effects of Bipolar, they create bigger issues elsewhere. I have always had body image issues, so the fact I have put on 3 stone in the space of a few months has really effected my mood all by itself. I hate it. HATE HATE HATE IT. I have contemplated taking myself off my pills, I have done severe diet plans (as documented here) and I have also tried to smile through it and accept this is me. None of these have helped, I have lost and then gained again and now I'm stumped. 

Therapy accompanies bipolar pills of course and I've mentioned it all the way through. My therapist suggested I listen to confidence boosting hypnotherapy and suddenly a light bulb turned on in my head. Before my wedding I actually lost 3st on Thinking Slimmer. It calmed my cravings and reduced my stress at the same time, with no dieting. Why hand't I thought of this before?

With my tablets being like swallowing lard, I think anything to curve my appetite around that will be like the saving grace of my ever growing numbers on the scales. I crave carbs mainly and it's like a crazy pregnancy craving, not just being hungry. It has been documented as such through many trials and treated as a severe side effect. If I can create a brain defence line to swerve my need for carbs, I will no doubt shift the weight slightly and feel much better about it. 

So today I will download my new Thinking Slimmer onto my old school iPod and start my Slimpod Gold 12 week holistic plan and try my hardest to smile and think my way into a new body. I'll let you know how it goes as it goes...  

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