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Do you need to hire a tutor for school entrance exams?...

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Fleet Tutors has helped over 100,000 students across London, the UK and internationally, achieve the results they need in entrance exams, public exams or catching up with their peers. We have a great network of tutors and education experts who instil confidence and fast-track educational attainment by tailoring their teaching to the needs of your child.
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Tutors can be the key to getting into the best school, or just to boost your child's education even if they aren't taking any entrance exams. It has been discussed at length over the years that homework can be the key to whether a child succeeds at school to their best potential or not. Having a tutor is like having an intense homework session with someone new, which is often the key to making learning stick. A new voice and way of teaching can make or break the love of a subject if a child is struggling with it in their school environment. 

Entrance exams are scary at whatever age you are but if the child is moving from primary to secondary school, this is a very daunting time as it is. Having someone to help them reach their full potential, boost their confidence and have them ready for the exam, someone that knows what they're doing and how the exams work, can be make or break for your loved one.

Some parents take on the task of tutoring their children themselves, this is fantastic, but often isn't as effective as children are more likely to listen to a friend or professional than their parent. Hiring a tutor can be daunting and seem silly if you can do it yourself but you have to take a step back and ask yourself three questions... do you know enough about the subjects? Do you have enough time and patience to do it? Will they respond better to you or a professional?

For me, I know damn well I don't have enough patience, knowledge or skill to do the job myself and so hiring a tutor would be my only step. I know if my mum was closer she would help out but I think I'd still hire a professional too. 

Kyd has never needed to do an entrance exam due to his SEN statement but when the time comes when Rocky goes into secondary school, and we're still in the same house, I will be hiring a tutor and making sure he is in the best school around. I already know the school I want him to go to and it isn't a private school but it does have an entrance exam. I am already looking into how, what and why kids get in or don't. Call me silly, he hasn't even started Primary school yet, but it pays to know and be ready. I think by aged 8 Rocky will have a tutor for certain subjects and I pray he has his dad's brains and makes the most of it. I want him to have a good education, I want him to go further than I did in school. I want him to do whatever his heart is set on and I want to give him the tools to do so. 

During my research I found Fleet Tutors which is a national tutoring service, and has qualified tutors who can come to your home not just in London and the surrounding areas (like many of the companies) but all over the UK. They also have tutors who can provide Live Online Tuition anywhere in the world. 

They have teams of tutors across the country who have a great track record of success and extensive knowledge of the entry requirements for different schools in their local area including independent secondary schools, prep, pre-prep and grammar schools. They can provide private tuition in your home on all aspects of the exams or just a particular subject and organise interview preparation and practice. They also organise a number of intensive, small group courses during the holidays to prepare for entrance exams for Common Entrance, independent school entrance and 11plus.

They don't just do entrance exam help though, they do tuition from as early as Reception class, and can really help your child stay ahead of the game in school. I won't be signing Rocky up just yet as I can't see this being helpful with him right now. But if they keep the sats tests in the curriculum then I will definitely be looking into it for then. This is why I have written this bit into the post really, as a reminder in a few years about who and what I've found. This has really made my brain settle about the whole thing, I am a worrier, I am no longer having to worry, problem solved.

Disclosure - I was compensated for this post